I did my NVQ L3, so I could get higher wages and to improve my level of qualification and to get more responsibility.

I am now running a job and getting what I want

Petru Contac, Carpenter

I had an NVQ L2 and want to progress to level 3 to get into teaching or supervising on site, earn a bit more learn more skills.

I got my NVQ L3 and have never looked back best thing I did

Kieron Bernard, Painter

I want a bigger challenge a better opportunity like supervising solving problems on site. I did my NVQ L3 and within 3 mths got a job that I wanted I am on much better money and happier.

Marcel Badea, Painter

I wanted the l3 CSCS Card for my job, so I had the right qualification, so doing this was important to me, it went really well, and the Assessor  Jerry was really helpful.

George Corchis, Carpenter

I was looking to progress get better jobs. Did L3 and it works

Igor Gheorghius, Carpenter

I did it, so I could find job more easily and improve my pay rate!

Not everybody was happy  when I did this thing and it took a while to get the good money I wanted but I am so good.

Iulian Luca, Painter

I wanted better job and more money like the advert eh, and I have got better job for me

Mihai-Andrei Gziga, Painter

I am getting older and wanted better manager job. Now it happens

Marcel Simiom, Fenestration

Wanted to get NVQ 3 to allow me to improve quality of my job and improve job conditions. In May I get great job because of this NVQ

Oleg Kucak, Carpenter

I wanted to improve myself and get gold CSCS card. I got card and I am respected better now

Mihai Pasere, Carpenter

I need it quick and so used this company and they got it for me in a few weeks so happy to pay money

Valentin Bacaoanw, Bricklayer

It was hard to get on site lost jobs as I didn’t have the right CSCS Card so  had to fix it.

The company work fast, and trainer was good.

Costel Munteanu, Painter

Manager  told me if I didn’t get Card by next 2 months I  was finished. So, friend said use Skillmatch they are fast. They were.

Pietro D’aubrasio, Carpenter

I wanted right card but lots of company tell me we want money now  and I say I have not money now so did with skillmatch as pay weekly only could afford this way.

Eduard Husanu, Carpenter

Labourer Card big problem no one want it now so had to get proper card. Not happy paying money but what can I do no card or no job like gun against my head not right. So skillmatch help me pay each week so not so bad

Riuchino Francisca, Painter/handyman

Site gone all right cards, so we all had to do it. Company sent good assessor he helps me a lot with English and so questions not bad

Evics Vitalis, Ceiling Fixer

One day site manager he say, labourer CSCS Card no good anymore, head office rules, he say do it now or not come on site next month. Skillmatch help me get Blue Card quickly and give me letter to help me stay on site while I get it, pay weekly good idea.

Mihaita Vizitiu, Plasterer

Quick and easy

Florinel Puravu, Glass installer

Me and my friend we come together one evening fill in forms and next assessor he come and do pictures and ask questions to get NVQ. We did it quick we are good, so we know work.

Catalin Arnauto, Glass installer

I needed it and they called at right time to help

Sam Store, Bricklayer