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Same old, Same old

Why Listen

Our advantages

Our staff understand the construction sector and our clients’ business challenges. Our business depends on maintaining high levels of personal service and we are proud that Skill Match are known for its expertise, passion and commitment to delivering outstanding service to its clients

With a database of over 10,000 skilled, semi-skilled and general operatives across our 3 divisions means that whether you need a contractor for one day or for us to build specialist teams to deliver for you across long term projects we are well placed to do so.

Our success is based upon a proactive and fully managed approach to labour resource provision. All of our operatives are both experienced and competent and have met our rigorous selection criteria. We allocate an experienced Contracts Manager to each project who acts as a single point of contact, maintaining continuity of service and proactively anticipating any future requirement

Our Pledge

It would be great wouldn’t it if agencies did what they actually said or advertised that they do? We do.

To actually listen to you, understand what you want and if in doubt asked you to explain, just to be sure they got it. We do.

We promise that just for once you will be able to take on face value what is being promised to you with the peace of mind to know that if we’ve said it then we will deliver it.

At Skill Match our pledge to you is to do exactly what we commit to do and to never say we can when we can’t.

You see quality is a value that runs through everything we do. We view it as a case of if we let you down, we have let ourselves down. W  e want you to come back again and again and again.  And we know that you will only do that if you can trust us to deliver.

What we offer